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What people are saying

Sourav Al Zahid

Chairman at Timex Group, Academic Director at Katowice School of Economics – study in Poland, Country Director – South East Asia at UNIES Education Group .

Solaiman Ahmed Jishan is not only a dynamic person but also energetic, creative. He is an exceptional corporate leader for his dynamic leadership. He is one of the best expertise in presentation. I wish him all the best for his successful striving.


Imdad Hossain Khan

Business Development Manager in SSL Wireless.

Creativity is not common to all so do Positivity as well… Mr. Jishan has both of that and this rare quality takes him out of the crowd and made him exceptional personality who is a future shining star and already glittering. He is not only a performer in corporate arena, his urge to do something for society and people is a sign of exceptional future leader. I wish him all the best for his successful endeavor.

Julfikar Ali

Head, Department of Business Administration at International University of Scholars – IUS  & Prominent writer .

শিক্ষক হিসেবে আমার অর্জন এতটুকুই যে, আপনার মতো কিছু মানুষ গড়তে পেরেছি, দোয়া করি দেশ ছাঁড়িয়ে বিদেশেও আপনার সুকৃতি ছড়িয়ে পরুক !!! আপনাকে নিয়ে গর্ব হয়!!!

Md. Mashiur Rahman

HOD-Manager-Human Resources at Jahurul Islam Medical College & Hospital

I’m delighted to introduce Mr. Solaiman Ahmed Jishan; I rarely come across real talents who standout like Mr. Solaiman Ahmed Jishan. He is an extraordinarily talented & of course a unique, versatile identity. Mr. Jishan’s having ability to handle multiple projects at a time. I have the pleasure of working with him & have seen him as a good collaborator on several projects. I’m confident that he will be having a positive impact on continued growth as well as smooth operations of any organization. I also hope that he will be an excellent match & a strong asset for any higher position considering his experiences and his capabilities. I wish him every success in future.

Ashikur Rahim

Internal Audit Executive at Nitol Niloy Group

During my working time period with Mr. Jishan about an IT related program, I have found him very hardworking, communicative and knowledgeable person in the IT marketing industry. He is very helpful for sharing his knowledge to everyone and comfortable to work in every condition. He know how to make the job done.

Engr. Abdul Bari Opel

Chairman at Innovative Structural Engineering

Solaiman Ahmed Jishan is the name of rising stars. He is the best qualified at every human being indicators.  I have known Jishan as one of my good friends for almost school life. I was particularly impressed by the professionalism and technical innovation at different project.  Not only Jishanis highly intelligent; he is also very hard-working.  In my estimation, Jishan is a true example of the type of IT experts which everybody wants.

Ibnul Karim Rupen

Senior Manager – Marketing at REVE Antivirus Bangladesh

I first met Mr. Solaiman Ahmed Jishan in 2014 and day by day came to know. What a lovely person he is! He is very much helpful and cooperative. The best thing of Mr. Jishan is politeness. Apart from these, he is very hungry to do good things for the society & country. I love to read his blogs and even Facebook status. Best of luck for him.

Azim Mortuza

Worked at Metro Ford Sales Ltd. ( Canada )

Jishan is excellent in his job. He will be star icon in IT industry ! All the best.

Imran Reza

Assistant Manager at One Information and Communications Technology Ltd.

It’s been a privilege to work with Md. Solaiman bhai. He is a proactive, responsible, sincere person. He has good leadership skills and always work as a motivator in team. He can be a greatasset for any organisation.


Assistant Manager – Key Accounts & Business Development at Peakward Group| Marshall Goldsmith GLA® 360 Professional | Global Goodwill Ambassador”

MR. Solaiman is a very responsible and sincere person. I have first come to know him when he was a participant in one of my career development event. He can be a valuable addition to a team with his out of the box solutions to problems. I have my utmost recommendation for him with no reservation. I wish his success in all future endeavors.

ANM Sabbir

Librarian, Metadata & Cataloging at Charles Sturt University – CSU (Australia)

Creative, hardworking and well versed talented young professional. I know him as a friend and client as well. His professionalism and dedication for his work makes him very special. He knows how things works, motivating people and making people smile. I found him as a good trainer, speaker, sales man and graphic designer. I believe he will carry out his betterment in coming days also. Wish him all the best and success in his career.

Tanvir Mohammad Saddaf

Owner of Afghan Grill

Mr. Jishan always had a leadership quality and leaders are born to inspire people though i didn’t read all his blogs but truly they are inspiring and well design to motivate people. The idea and design is wonderful. I wish and hope it will be a great success. All the best my dear friend Jishan.

Hossain Shihub

Hossain Shihab

Business Solutions Manager, (Server & Storage) at EZY Corp.

Solaiman Ahmed Jishan Bhai is highly creative and a very easy-going person to work with. Within the office community, I have seen many examples of his work. As an Independent Antivirus Product Consultant or as an employee, you will find Jishan Bhai makes a great addition to your team! It is an honor for me to recommend and endorse him.

Ajmal Hossain

Managing Director at Fast Trade Ltd.

Mr. Solaiman has worked at Fast Trade Ltd as a Manager IT for a year. He has contributed a lot in our company E-Commerce development.

Mohammad Israil Rasel

Asst. Manager- Sales & Marketing at Shanghai Baud Data Communication Co.,Ltd. – BDCOM

Great job buddy. Wish u good luck to your future. Keep it up & also proud of you.

Bapon Saha

AVP at Unicon Solution Ltd.

I know Mr. Jishan from 2012. We were work together for couple of month and on that time i found that he is a great leader actually i wanted to say that Mr. Jishan can manage to do very easily whatever the work or project he wanted to do .